11 Sulfur-Rich Foods You Need To Eat

Did you know your body contains sulfur? You need this element for important functions like repairing and building DNA, as well as protecting your body against cellular damage.

Feeling like your life depends on sulfur? Well, it does! Sulfur is vital for your health. From gene expression and protein synthesis to metabolizing foods, sulfur is crucial for major body functions.

Today, we will talk about sulfur-rich foods that should be in your diet. From eggs, garlic, and legumes to sulfur-rich beverages, we will talk about all of this and more. Stay tuned.


1. Eggs

No wonder eggs are second on the list. Ever smelled a rotten egg? Certainly not something you do willingly. But the rotten egg smell is due to hydrogen sulfide gas produced by the sulfur and containing globulin in the egg.

Eggs are definitely among the most nutritious foods we have. They are rich in a sulfur-rich amino acid known as methionine. This natural compound helps regulate your immune system and metabolic process.

You will be surprised to know sulfur also supports glutathione synthesis, which protects your cells and tissues from oxidative stress. Including eggs in your daily diet can give your body a much-needed sulfur boost.

If you’re watching your weight, go for boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs. In the mood for a luxurious breakfast? Make an omelet for yourself and start the day off right.