7 Everyday Foods That Can Cause Painful Migraines

A migraine is a neurological condition that is usually genetic in nature and can affect people at any age, though it most commonly begins to occur during childhood.

While most people associate migraines with intense throbbing headaches, other migraine symptoms include nausea, vomiting, numbness or tingling, trouble speaking, and sensitivity to light and sound.

For people who suffer from or have a family history of migraines, these symptoms can potentially be triggered by a number of different factors; perhaps unsurprisingly, one of these potential migraine triggers is what types of food you include in your diet.

If you’re someone who struggles with migraines on a regular basis, you may want to be mindful of some of the foods on this list.


1. Coffee

Coffee, as well as too much caffeine in general, can potentially have a highly debilitating effect on your worst migraine symptoms. To make matters worse, you can also experience migraines as a result of caffeine withdrawal, meaning that you’re can just as easily experience a migraine from having not enough coffee as well!

For those of you who can’t imagine going a whole day without your cuppa joe, you should know it’s not all bad news: according to the American Migraine Foundation, caffeine can actually relieve the symptoms of migraines when ingested in the right doses.

I guess you could see this as just another example of that old adage: “everything in moderation”.