8 Foods That Can Lower Your Cholesterol Level

Are you keeping track of your cholesterol? More than 102 million Americans have cholesterol levels above the normal level. Any number over 240 mg/dL puts you at high risk of heart disease. Does this ring a bell?

If so, something tells me you need to change your diet. There’s plenty of great foods you can eat to lower your cholesterol levels.

Can tea do the trick? How about some avocado? Wait, chocolate? Did I hear that correctly? Let’s discuss 8 Foods You Can Eat to help lower your cholesterol levels!


1. Dark Chocolate

You didn’t think we meant just any chocolate, did you? Dark chocolate is known for having several health benefits. This puts it at odds with the average candy bar you see at the gas station.

When it comes to high cholesterol, dark chocolate carries a powerful weapon. And that weapon is cocoa, believe it or not. Cocoa is the main ingredient in dark chocolate. The reason it is so effective is that it protects the bad cholesterol in your bloodstream from oxidation. If it didn’t, you would only be at further risk of heart disease.

A study from 2015 focused on adults who drank cocoa twice daily for a whole month. By the end, they were shown to experience a reduction of bad cholesterol, with their level of good cholesterol improved. They also saw their blood pressure decrease. So if you’d like to try a healthier option, put down the Snickers and eat some dark chocolate instead.