9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sweating

Sweating is kind of a nuisance. It makes us smelly, slimy, and can often be embarrassing. But did you know that sweating has a number of amazing benefits, like reducing pain, clearing up your skin, and more!

Before we get into the benefits of sweating it out, we thought it might be ideal to go over what sweat actually is.

Perspiration is mostly made of water, with small amounts of specific chemicals mixed in. These chemicals are sugar, salt, urea, and ammonia. A common misunderstanding when it comes to perspiration is that it smells…well fun fact about sweating, it doesn’t actually smell.

When you sweat, it mixes with bacteria that’s already on your skin which could cause an unpleasant odor, or that sweat will mix with hormones that live in places like your armpits. Which again, is what causes that, less than rosy, smell.

If you think that sweating is more annoying than beneficial you should stick around..we might change your mind after you check out these 9 great health benefits of sweating:


1. Helps Keep Us Comfy

The first and maybe most obvious function of sweating is that it helps us regulate our internal temperature.

When it’s the middle of a really hot day and the air conditioning goes down you better believe your body is gonna start to produce some sweat. That’s how your body cools itself.

When the sweat glands start releasing sweat onto your skin, it’ll evaporate cooling your skin and the blood underneath. This will help to bring down your body’s rising internal temperature.