9 Best Foods To Help Your Insulin Resistance

What do you know about insulin? This is a hormone released by your pancreas to help control your blood sugar. When you aren’t producing enough insulin, your blood sugar levels get out of control. This leads to diabetes.

Much to our relief, there are a bunch of foods that help your insulin production. Let’s talk about 9 of them. Is broccoli a good choice? What about beans? Do I really have to drop my favorite meat products? Wait, I haven’t had oatmeal in years! We’re talking all that AND more…


1. Broccoli

We’re kicking things off with one of the healthier foods you can eat. Seriously, there’s a reason your mom told you to eat it as a kid. If you add broccoli to your daily diet, you are increasing your insulin resistance.

This is why it’s so popular among people with diabetes. When you eat broccoli, your glucose is metabolized slowly. It takes a while to digest. This prevents your blood sugar from spiking.

A study was once published showing the effects of broccoli sprouts on insulin resistance in people with type-2 diabetes. As it turned out, broccoli does a lot to increase insulin sensitivity. Not only will broccoli increase your insulin resistance, but it also packs a ton of great nutrients with countless other benefits.

Broccoli is also low in calories and carbohydrates, which keeps you from gaining weight. Another plus for diabetics.