9 Safe Foods To Eat At Night


You might have felt that late night urge to gulp down some food. You aren’t quite sure on what to eat though. Fortunately for you, we have got you covered. You can try kiwi juice, which is rich in Vitamin C and good for your sleep.

If that doesn’t fancy you then foods like hot cereals and crackers with cheese should be able to help you. These were just some examples, there are many such foods that you can eat at night.

1. Eggs

If there is one food that comes from animals and is extremely versatile then it is an egg. You can literally have eggs at any time of the day. It could be early in the morning, late in afternoon or middle of the night. You can boil an egg, scramble it, fry it or even turn it into an omelette.

Eggs contain fats and protein and you need both of those things. It also contains a component known as tryptophan. This component helps to balance nitrogen in your body.

On top of that, it is a good source of Vitamin B12, which is needed for your red blood cells and nerves. Vitamin B12 is also very useful when it comes to your DNA synthesis as well as maintaining your cellular structure.

Considering that eggs are one of the few foods that have this nutrient, it would be wise to stay stacked up on eggs. Until and unless you are either a vegan or a vegetarian.

Contrary to the popular belief, eggs are not as harmful as consumed at night. It takes the same to digest in your body no matter when you consume it.


2. Yogurt

It is made from milk and just like eggs, yogurt also contains a lot of protein. Although if there is one thing that yogurt is known for then it is the fact that it is rich in calcium.

Considering that it is a dairy product, it shouldn’t be surprising. Yogurt is also known to be good for digestion. This is mainly because of the good bacteria that are found in yogurt.

These good bacteria are responsible for fighting the symptoms that may lead to diarrhea. You can also treat it like a dessert and have it after dinner. One thing that we would also like to say is that if you happen to be lactose intolerant then please don’t indulge in this.

You can have many different types of negative reactions to it. It will not be good for you.


3. Bananas

Bananas contain carbohydrates and calories, but they also help to release chemicals like serotonin and melatonin.

Melatonin is the hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. Whereas, serotonin regulates mood and social behavior. Eating them at night after dinner could help you get better sleep.

More importantly. Bananas are pretty versatile too. You can drink a glass of banana smoothie. If you don’t like that then you can opt for eating them with toast and peanut butter.

Don’t like peanut butter? Fine, try slicing a banana and putting it into a bowl of oats or cereals. There are even some fruit salads that require bananas. This is why it wouldn’t be wrong to say when it comes to bananas, it can be consumed in many different ways.


4. Kiwi

Kiwis and bananas have two things in common. The first is that they both help to release more serotonin in your body. The second being the fact that they are tastier when they have been liquefied.

Just like bananas can be turned into a smoothie, similarly, kiwi can be used in juices as well as smoothies. Kiwi is also one of the best-known sources of vitamin C and a glass of kiwi juice could be very helpful after dinner.

On top of that, Vitamin C is filled with antioxidants and that is good for avoiding infections and inflammations.


5. Cheese and Crackers

While indulging in your late night food madness, you often don’t take your sugar levels and blood pressure too seriously. This is where cheese and crackers can be so useful. Cheese contains carbohydrates and proteins.

Meanwhile, crackers contain dietary fiber that helps in the process of digestion. When consumed together, they help to balance your blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

They also maintain the carbohydrate balance of your body. This combination is also good for your brain because of the presence of carbohydrates and tryptophans. When these two work together, they improve your body’s sleep cycle.

Once again, we would repeat that it is not for those who are lactose intolerant. If you are one of them then please ignore this point and check the next one.


6. Brie

We know we have just spoken about cheese, but brie is a special kind of cheese. It is often softer than other types of cheese. Even complexion-wise, brie is often more pale than any other type of cheese.

Why is it special? It is lighter in color and contains a healthy amount of hunger-satisfying protein. It is neither too much nor too little, it is exactly the right amount that you could need for a late-night snack.

You can also couple them with some bread or toast for that dietary fiber boost. You can enjoy it with different types of berries.


7. Cherries

While an apple a day can keep the doctor away, a cherry can help you sleep better. These are not our words, as a matter of fact these are the results of a study. In the same study it was found that cherry juice also had anti-inflammatory properties.

Why do cherries help in falling asleep? This is mainly because cherries promote melatonin and we have explained what that does to your sleep. It is also one of those very versatile foods that can be consumed in many different ways.

You can have cherry juice, you can also try consuming cherries in other ways like in salads or even raw. You can even add them to your oat and cereal. Since we are talking about cereals, let’s elaborate on them.


8. Oats And Cereals

A lot of people prefer to start their day with oats and cereals. You can end with them too, oatmeals are a good option to finish the day as much as they are to start it. They are a good source of fiber that is good for digestion.

More importantly, fiber leaves you with a feeling of being full and satisfied that also helps you sleep better at night. If you want more variety in your cereals and oats, and other things, oats also help to release melatonin in the body. So, it might end up helping you more than you think.


9. Turkey Sandwich

Slightly shocked or surprised that something that contains meat would make this list. Well, say what you must, but turkey meat is one of the most nutritious foods out there. It contains proteins and boosts the production of serotonin and melatonin.

The secret for this food to work properly is the combination. You must garlic or whole-grain bread for this, regular white bread may have too many carbohydrates to work properly. Plus whole-grain bread contains more fiber.

Add a few slices of tomatoes, cheese or mustard, and a little bit of lettuce. Yup, your late snack will not only be tasty but it will also be healthy.


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