9 Signs Of Heart Failure You Should NEVER IGNORE

Have you been taking care of your heart during quarantine? All of that soda and junk food may be taking its toll on you. Especially if you’re not exercising.

6.2 million U.S. adults have heart failure. Almost 400,000 people died from it in 2018. People often mistake heart failure as an organ failing to work. In reality, it’s when your heart can’t pump blood properly.

Let’s talk about 9 Signs of Heart Failure You Should Never Ignore. Are you coughing hard at night? Are you gaining weight? Are you having a hard time breathing? Wait, does your heart feel like it’s going to burst through your chest? We’re talking all that AND more…


1. Heart Palpitations

Has your heart been skipping a beat lately? Do you find your chest pounding unexpectedly? A scary feeling isn’t it? These are heart palpitations.

By definition, heart palpitations are a feeling of fast-beating, fluttering, and pounding. Some people experience it often, while others have it on occasion. Either way, it’s uncomfortable.

Let’s get super sciency for a minute. Many heart palpitations start when your heart’s upper chambers contract prematurely. Yes, your heart has chambers. When this happens, your heart is thrown off its rhythm. There are several causes of heart palpitations. Things like low blood sugar, dehydration, and low potassium all play into it. Even having too much morning coffee can contribute.

Whatever it is, your heart is under stress. People on the verge of heart failure are more likely to experience heart palpitations. If you’re noticing that you have palpitations more than usual, don’t ignore this.

Speak to a doctor as quickly as possible and go from there.