10 Of The Most Extreme Environments On Earth


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planet Earth is an extraordinary home, nurturing and protecting life and creating the proper conditions for continuous evolution.

That’s why we’re often shocked to hear that there are places on earth that can literally kill humans and almost all other life in an instant, these extreme environments are found everywhere on the planet on the bottom of the oceans to the craziest mountain heights.

10. McMurdo Dry Valleys

Our first dock today is a desert Mars-like environment located in a highly uncharacteristic location on earth the unforgivingly cold Antarctica.

Welcome to the McMurdo Dry Valleys one of the most extreme deserts in the world the Antarctic, it is the biggest anomaly given the lack of ice and snow

This location hasn’t read researchers ever since its discovery given its close resemblance to the Martian environment yes this is as close as we get to Mars on earth, so we won’t find any earth life in the McMurdo Dry Valleys right close but not quite

Even if the katabatic winds go 200 meters per hour make the environment highly inhospitable by evaporating moisture and the high mountains prevent ice sheets from covering the area life as always has found a way.

researchers have found microbes with unique metabolic processes in water samples and bacteria hiding from the winds inside the rocks.



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