25 Times Animals Stole The Show At A Wedding


Animals play a huge part in a lot of people’s lives and a recent survey reported that 40% of UK pet owners said they would include their pet in their wedding, cute right?

Within that group, 22% of people said they’d have their pet as a ring bearer on the big day, whilst 11% admitted to wanting their beloved animals to be bridesmaids – and if that wasn’t cute enough, a further 5% said they’d consider appointing their furry friend as a best man or groomsman!

1. Hazel and Rob

Hazel and Rob came from Ireland to Banff to get eloped in the magical Rocky Mountains.

Hazel and Rob were so easy going and adventurous and totally up for new ideas. They were running around the rocks, on the empty roads, laughing and just enjoying there time together. 


What? This lacey thing is not my toy? You are horrible hooman!

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