Painfully Awkward Prom Photos That Are Surprisingly Real

Prom is supposed to be a special time that you remember for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to remember it for being good. Awful things happen at prom, as well as beautiful things, but the awful things leave emotional scars so is it really worth the risk?

The good thing is that we have cameras to preserve these moments, especially the awful ones. They may not be funny to you when they’re happening, but you better believe that you’re going to want those photos later when you’re looking back at the person you once were.
These photos will either give you painful flashbacks or make you happy that you’re still not in high school.

Maybe you’ll see a photo that makes you think, “I’m not alone”.


Awkward Prom Photos

Not cool, man. We get it, your date to the prom is wearing a dress that leaves very little room for the imagination, and your teenage hormones are going bananas at your age, but that’s no excuse to gawk at your girlfriend’s cleavage like it’s going out of business.

It’s not just inappropriate, it’s also pretty darn rude. The camera catches everything, however, and we bet this girl didn’t think it was very funny when she saw this picture of her date staring at her a little later. We bet her parents didn’t appreciate it too much, either. But, looking at the bright side, at least he wasn’t staring at another girl, right?

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