Top 10 of the Worlds Most Expensive Colleges

9. Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York, United States


A list of the worlds most expensive universities would not be complete without Sarah Lawrence College on it. Known for a diverse student body with students coming from 53 different countries for the education this well known private liberal arts college offers. The teacher/student ratio and personalized courses of study attract students from the United States and abroad.

The cost to attend Sarah Lawrence may seem prohibitive to many, but a degree from this prestigious college can open many doors for graduates. A few esteemed graduates of Sarah Lawrence include Vera Wang, Jullianna Margulies, and Rahm Emanuel.

Undergraduates carrying 30 credits will pay $51,196 for tuition. An additional $880 as a general fee. A student activities fee of $224 and a health services fee of $250. A room to sleep in will cost $9,640. Unless a waiver is signed, a health plan costing $3,035 is required. All this adds up to $65,225, not including a meal plan. The price of meals varies depending on the plan chosen. Parents pay as much as $2,598 for 19 meals a week per semester to as little as $610 per semester for 16 meals and 375 units of Meal-Money.

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