Top 10 of the Worlds Most Expensive Colleges

7. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, United States


NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory is located on the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) campus. CalTech is part of the National observatory network. The university’s geophysical research is world renowned along with its seismic study and mineral physics research. The most important CalTech feature is that it is located in sunny California. Students can take day trips to the beach and shop Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. The price of education in such a beautiful environment stays comparable to other top rated universities.

Expect the bill to start with $45,846 for tuition. $1,731 for campus fees. Plan at least $900 for meals per term. Add another $1,323 for books and other materials. Miscellaneous expenses can cost up to 1,974. Room and board will run about $14,000. This adds-up to a grand total of $65,874. But, there’s ore: Incoming students must pay a $500 one-time orientation fee. If your student is not insured, CalTech will charge $824 per insurance term for a total of $2,472. Insurance is mandatory.

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