Top 10 of the Worlds Most Expensive Colleges

4. Oxford University, United Kingdom


Education at Oxford University dates back to the year 1096, making it the oldest English speaking university in the world. The historic university, known for research sciences, lives on as one of the worlds most prestigious institutes of higher learning and the United Kingdom’s most expensive to attend.

Incoming resident students will pay ₤9,250 ($11,363) for their first term’s tuition and between £9,021 – £13,237 ($11,082 – $16,261) for living expenses. International students pay £15,000 to £23,000 ($18,451 to $28,291), brings the first term total for international students to $52,997. Only resident students qualify for financial aid. With tuition costs expected to continue rising, estimating a four-year total is not only difficult but dismal as well.

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