Top 10 of the Worlds Most Expensive Colleges

3. Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia


Knowing students want to change the world and they want the weapon of education now, Bond University fast tracks undergraduates through their field of study, which lets them graduate one year earlier than students at other universities. The reasoning behind the accelerated programs is to reduce the costs of room and board along with other expenses. Students also begin their careers one year ahead of schedule, giving them an advantage over their four year college peers.

To study at Bond University, international students will spend approximately $125,000 (172,942 AUD) in tuition for their full bachelor degree program, or more than $30,000 (41,496 AUD) per term. Other out of pocket expenses include $300 (415 AUD) for books and other course materials. Another $300 a month for rent and utilities, whether living on or off-campus. Add the cost of daily meals, laundry, and other miscellaneous expenses for an estimated additional cost of $26,000 (35,945 AUD) and you get $56,000 per term.

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