9 Foods That Are Very Rich In Iron

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What do you know about Iron? No, not Iron Man from the Avengers. We’re talking about the mineral iron. You know, the one that carries oxygen through the blood cells to create energy?

While iron is essential to your body, did you know that 24.8% of the global population suffers from anemia? That’s the condition where your body lacks red blood cells, making you feel tired and weak.

If you are suffering from some sort of iron deficiency, there are some great foods you can eat. Let’s discuss 9 Foods That Can Help Your Iron Deficiency. How often do you eat oysters? How about cashews? I’ll tell you, you’ll never appreciate spinach more in your life. We’re talking all of that AND more!

9. Beans


To put it plainly, beans are a great source of iron for your body. For the average adult male, it’s recommended that you consume around 8 mg a day. For an adult female, around 18mg. The average can of beans contains around 4 mg of iron. This includes soybeans, lima beans, and kidney beans.

On top of all the great iron benefits carried by beans, they are also packed with potassium, calcium, and vitamin C. This is an especially great choice if you are a vegetarian or vegan, and you are avoiding the meat sources you will soon see on this list.


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