13 Signs That You’re an Empathic Person


Today we’re going to learn about thirteen signs that you’re an empath now let’s begin.

1. Understanding Empathy

Understanding Empathy

If you’re an empath you understand what empathy actually means, many people treat empathy just like this superhuman power almost like reading people’s minds, they brag about their empathetic abilities not because they genuinely care about people but because they need something to make them feel special.

Real empaths on the other hand don’t need titles or superpowers because they know that empathy is a gift as well as a curse.

At its core empathy is a very complicated human emotion, according to the encyclopedia of social psychology, it’s defined as understanding another person’s experiences by putting yourself in their place, in other words, empathy is your ability to stand in someone else’s shoes to see the world from their perspective, but the interesting thing about empathy is that almost everyone can feel it most people experience shades of empathy.

On a daily basis, you’ll empathize with a mailman walking around on a hot day, you’ll empathize with a mother struggling with her toddler in the grocery store, we’ve all had experiences like these so in one way or another we’ve all practiced empathy so what separates an empath from everyone else?

Empaths have more emotional potential and sensitivity, they feel stronger emotions and identified closely with the world around them, now naturally that changes how they interact with people, places, and ideas.

Sometimes this extra empathy helps them bond with new friends or understand their own emotions other times it leaves them feeling reckless anxious or downright exhausted my point is empathy is not a bragging right and it’s not magic either psychologically empaths are just sensitive individuals whose emotions often get the best of them so if you understand what that’s like then you just might be one.

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