8 Foods That Can Lower Your Cholesterol Level



Here’s a food you are well acquainted with, but probably aren’t thrilled over. Carrots are a staple vegetable for those trying to get healthy. A frequent intake of carrots has been linked to lower cholesterol levels. Carrots are rich in fiber and antioxidants. Just a single cup of chopped carrots carries almost 4 grams of fiber. That’s over 13% of your daily recommended intake. Just under 3 grams of this fiber is soluble.

Soluble fiber lowers your bad cholesterol. This helps you maintain a healthy heart. Let’s focus on a different kind of study this time. One with a rat. In 2003, scientists wanted to see what would happen if they fed this rat a 3-week supplementation of carrot nutrients.

As it turns out, carrots change the way our body absorbs cholesterol. This, in turn, prevents us from developing cardiovascular diseases as time goes on.

So if you enjoy vegetables, and don’t have the mental energy for kale, just keep it simple and have a bowl of baby carrots.

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