8 Foods That Can Lower Your Cholesterol Level



Let’s sink our teeth into some meat. Fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids. While they have several functions, one that is particularly beneficial is the acid’s ability to increase your level of good cholesterol.

This especially applies to salmon and mackerel. Just a 3-ounce portion of canned salmon carries between 1000 and 1500 mg of Omega-3 content. The same portion of canned mackerel carries roughly the same. Tuna is also renowned for its benefits in this area.

Researchers have confirmed that if you eat tuna at least once a week, you have a 27% less chance of cardiovascular disease.

A 25-year study focused on a group of adults who consumed a steady diet of non-fried fish. By the end, those who stuck with it showed less risk of developing metabolic syndrome. This meant that their cholesterol level was steady, and their blood pressure was low.

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