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9 Foods That Are Destroying Your Unhealthy Intestines

Gummy Candies


Imagine that. All your favorite childhood treats destroyed in one blog post. So we killed the bakery for you, then the fast-food restaurant. Let’s ruin your trips to the candy store.

Some gummies are listed among the worst foods your intestines encounter. No, not just because of the massive amounts of sugar. Research has shown that the red dye in these candies can also hurt you. This is one of the additives used to give various foods their color. Red dyes can do a ton of damage to your digestive system.

Studies have linked certain types of red dye to DNA damage of the stomach, colon, and bladder of mice. While the same cannot be confirmed for humans, I suggest you stay away from foods containing red dye. Your intestines may be suffering way more than you think.

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