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9 Foods That Are Destroying Your Unhealthy Intestines

Potato Chips


There’s sometimes nothing better than a bag of crispy potato chips. While we’ve all been lectured about the dangers of eating too many, sometimes the occasion just calls for it. Truth be told, chips really can do a lot of harm to your body. Even to your stomach and intestines. Let’s take a bag of classic Lays for example.

Just one bag carries 15% of your daily saturated fats. This of course causes inflammation. Saturated fats can also hurt the growth of your healthy gut bacteria. Not to mention, potato chips are also fried, which can bring you down the road to acid reflux.

If your intestines are in bad shape, you are not going to be able to process them as quickly. This gives the chips more time to wreak havoc on your digestive systems and add to your health problems.

Next time you hit the gas station and get a hankering for some chips, just walk away. Your intestines and other digestive organs will thank you later.

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