9 Myths About Sunscreen You Did Not Know

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Hey there! Heading to the beach? Well, summer vacations are indeed all about sea, sun, and sunscreen.

If you are a beach bum like me, sunscreen is a staple for you. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding it.

Today, we will be busting some of these myths to separate fact from fiction. Do they prevent your body from absorbing vitamin D? Can you skip them on cloudy days? Can tanning beds replace the need for a good sunscreen? We will be talking about all of this AND more…

9. Tanning Beds are as good as sunscreen

There’s a misconception that all you need is a quick tan right at the start of summer. After that, you can enjoy beach life without worrying about protecting your skin from the sun. FALSE.

A temporary tan cannot protect your skin from sun exposure or the risks of sunburn. Before we bust this myth, you first need to understand the concept of UVA and UVB light. Both are types of UltraViolet rays.

UVA is a longer wave and will penetrate even the thickest layer of skin. It is the unprotected UVA exposure that gives you wrinkles, a suppressed immune system, and other signs of skin aging.

UVB rays are shorter, and responsible for giving you a sunburn that is burning the top layer of skin.

Frequent sunburns cause irreversible damage to your skin. Coming back to the point, why did we even touch the concept of UVA and UVB? Because the beautiful tan you rock comes from protected exposure to high concentrations of UVA light.

Tanning beds use this to darken your skin quickly. Since sunlight contains both UVA and UVB light, a temporary tan is basically ineffective in protecting your skin from the harmful effects caused by UVB. This is why tanning beds cannot replace your sunscreen.


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