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The Most Nutrient Dense Fruits On The Planet!

9. Watermelon


First pomegranate, then avocado, now watermelon? It’s like we’re living in a hipster’s dream. When it comes to nutrients, watermelon will blow you away. It’s a great source of the usual vitamins. It’s potassium and fiber content is also stellar.

The health bonus for watermelon is in its lycopene. This nutrient comes in the form of red pigment. It’s also found in things like tomatoes and one other fruit we’ll be talking about shortly.

Lycopene carries a number of functions including protecting your heart and skin. It has also been linked to reducing your chances of cancer in the digestive system. When it comes to heart disease, the lycopene maintains your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

On top of lycopene and other contents, watermelon carries a massive amount of water. Like who would have thought? One whole fruit equals up to 92% of water. So not only is your heart doing well, but your body will also be hydrated.

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