Top 10 Rarest Allergies In The World

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An allergy is when your body abnormally responds to substances in the environment. Your immune system has an exaggerated immune reaction to these substances which can cause you to sneeze, have difficulty breathing, itching or skin rashes.

So in this post, we are taking a look at the rarest allergies known in the world.

10. Exercise


Exercise makes it onto this list in at number 10.I’ve heard some people say that they are allergic to the gym, but I never took them seriously. So,  I was actually really shocked to find out that people are literally allergic to exercise.

Its common knowledge that exercise is a really important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but for some, it can actually be life-threatening. This allergy affects about 2% of the population. So, basically, whenever they do some sort of vigorous physical activity like jogging, dancing or riding their bike – they will get extremely itchy, break out in hives or in extreme cases, their throat will close up on them and they won’t be able to breathe.

Some research has said that this allergy is caused by a poor diet but there isn’t any definitive proof and this allergy probably won’t ever go away once you have it.


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