13 Reasons You Need To Eat Real Food

It’s pretty easy to know if what you are eating is real or not. It should be whole, single ingredient, and free from chemical additives. Real food is mostly unprocessed and highly rich in nutrients. But why should you be eating them?

Today, we will be discussing 13 reasons why you need to eat more real foods. Do they make your heart healthy? What about keeping your teeth strong? What about their benefits for your skin? We’re talking all of these AND more…

1. Your heart will love you more

Want a healthier heart? Drop the processed foods. Yes, that means your store-bought cakes, sauces, pasta, everything has to go. Instead, get real foods and cook from scratch so you get all the nutrients you need. But focus on getting healthy fats and magnesium, which real foods offer in a good amount.

Real foods are also high in antioxidants. All of these make your heart healthy. Embracing real food helps you avoid heart attacks.

2. You will certainly feel more energetic

Processed foods have a chemical overload that can make you feel sluggish. So is that why you feel lazy and sleepy after eating a big burger meal? Probably…

But a salad would definitely NOT zap you of your energy. Instead, be ready to feel charged and ready to attack the day.

3. They are low in sugar

Real foods are good for you AND your blood sugar levels. Seriously. For starters, they won’t contain added sugar. This is usually in the form of high fructose corn syrup added to frozen junk foods, juices, and bread.

Real foods do not have as much sugar, so you’ll have a better chance of avoiding obesity and diabetes.

4. You will get essential nutrients

You get several important nutrients like vitamins and minerals from unprocessed foods. They haven’t been loaded with chemicals, which means they still have all those wonderful nutrients you need.

For example, you will find lots of choline in eggs. This nutrient is awesome for your brain function. On top of that, just one cup of broccoli or orange slices gives you more than 100% of the vitamin C you need daily. And of course, the Brazil nuts that give you lots and lots of selenium.

To get more real foods if you want to skip all those multivitamin supplements.

5. You’re helping the environment

Processed foods take a toll on nature. They increase energy needs as you need them to process foods.

The same is true for the preservatives and other added chemicals used during manufacturing. And of course, they come in packaging, which means non-biodegradable waste increases.

All of this adds to your carbon footprint. If you don’t want to harm nature, start cooking your foods from scratch.

6. They’re loaded with fiber

The natural fiber is a better choice than supplements. You will experience a boost in your metabolism, better digestion, and increased satiety when you eat real fiber-rich foods.

Eat more cucumbers, green leafy veggies, and chia seeds. Avocados, beans, and legumes are great options too. Eat them steamed, roasted, or in salad form. Your body will be thanking you for all these fibers.

7. You won’t get diabetes

We just mentioned how real foods are usually low in sugar. Real foods help you reduce your chances of diabetes. Unprocessed animal foods and fibrous plants reduce your blood sugar levels.

And it’s not just us saying this. Experts have weighed in. They found out diets containing fish, veggies, fruits, nuts, eggs, and fresh meat helped tremendously. Studies found this diet caused a 26% reduction in blood sugar levels.

Maybe a bowl of steamed broccoli and fresh cottage cheese will be on your menu tonight? We’ll have to see…

8. You will get beautiful skin

We all want smooth skin. Avocados and dark chocolate protect it from sun damage. Studies have reported foods like olive oil, fish, veggies, and beans keep your skin young.

Your skin won’t experience elasticity loss, and your wrinkles will reduce. Eat avocado toast for breakfast. Or how about some salmon salad drizzled with extra virgin olive oil?

9. Your triglyceride levels will be lower

Once you let your levels get high, it’s pretty hard to get them back to normal. You need to make significant lifestyle changes, like eating only real foods and exercising daily. In fact, what you eat has a VERY BIG impact on your triglycerides.

Refined carbs and sugar are your worst enemies if you’re trying to keep healthy triglyceride levels. They have a very strong influence. You get refined carbs from heavily processed foods like white rice, white pasta, and white bread. So where does this leave you?

With better options like whole-wheat bread and brown rice. You should opt for lean meats, nuts, veggies, and fatty fish to keep your triglyceride levels in a healthy range. These foods will help you reduce your high levels too.

10. You get to enjoy variety

This is the one benefit that made me embrace real foods forever. The variety you get to enjoy! When you start eating real foods, you will realize how there are so many to choose from…

You get to eat fresh organ meats, lean meats, and fish. Stew them, roast them or throw them on the barbecue. Steamed versions are even healthier. For those who prefer grains with every meal, you have quinoa, oats, millets, and barley. Nuts like walnuts and pistachios are great for your health.

And of course, there are overwhelming numbers of veggies and fruits you can eat raw, as well as add to smoothies. A buddha bowl of chickpea salad dressed with your favorite healthy dressing isn’t bad either.

11. It is easy on your pocket

There is a big misconception that real foods cost more than others. This adage could be somewhat true if you only pick expensive, exotic foods. Fortunately, eating real foods is in fact light on your pocket. Wondering how?

First of all, buy original foods. Canned kidney beans will definitely be costlier than buying kidney beans and boiling them beforehand. Head to the local farmer’s market for fresh produce. Trust me, fresh veggies like kale, broccoli, and spinach taste unbelievably good.

Make a batch of vegetable soup from fresh veggies you get at the farmer’s market and you’ll see how much better it is. And I didn’t even get to mention the HUGE amount of money you’ll save by being healthy.

Medical expenses are no joke. For instance, people with diabetes spend 2.3 times more on healthcare and medical supplies in comparison to those who don’t have this condition.

12. Your dental health will be better

This benefit might come as a surprise for you. Your teeth will be A LOT better if you switch to real foods.

Sugar and refined carbs in processed foods promote dental decay. Sodas are especially bad for your teeth as the combination of sugar and acid decays your teeth. plaque-causing bacteria feed off refined carbs and sugar.

As a result, you get unhealthy decaying teeth.

13. You will not overeat

This one is just a brilliant benefit of switching to real foods. You will feel full for longer periods of time. This is due to the presence of natural fibers as well as a ton of nutrients.

After a few weeks of following an “eat real” diet, you will find your cravings for sugary foods like cakes and chocolates have reduced dramatically. Processed foods are really high in sugar and salt.

And both of these are very addictive. Plus, your body craves nutrients. All of these give you cravings. Your diet is a really tricky thing.

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