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How To Start With Affiliate Marketing

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In affiliate marketing, Once you choose your area of interest, creating your web page, and decided what affiliate networks or programs you will source your products from, it is time to design your website.

Designing a website is not just about generating some links and placing them on your website. It has to look appealing to your audience for them to visit it over and over again and even more time for them to purchase products you recommend.

It is very important that your website includes high-quality content. You can find many examples of websites passing off any content as good content, but frankly, these websites are not adding to their revenue.

The ones that make profits either depend on expert content creators or train themselves to become one and optimize their content in every way possible.

Valuable Posts

The content that you want to publish should be informative. The Internet is overcrowded with users and people who are trying to sell their products. It might have used to make sense to have your own simple website and spam lots of products on it, but today, people want more informative niches of their own.

You have to learn how to balance between keeping your audience engaged and making a sales pitch. This is the trick to being successful in the affiliate marketing business.


After figuring out how to make valuable content, you need to learn how to optimize your posts for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Search engine optimization is a very complex process that includes making your content relevant using Meta descriptions, backlinking, and keywords.

First, make sure that you have chosen the right keywords, that is, the ones that people mostly search for. There are tools available that can help you find the keywords people interested in your niche search for. You will need to find the keywords that are not used by many other websites but are still searched from time to time.

There is a fine line between choosing the right keyword and otherwise, and you will have to master it. Other aspects, such as internal linking and Meta description creation, are also very important.

Google is interested in websites that are easy to navigate and have valuable content. This is the reason why all your posts will require a Meta tag, Meta description, and many internal links that directs to other pages on your website.

This will be recognized by Google as easily navigable. All of it can be mocked up to some extent, but most of the time, it is better to keep it all genuine and have actual information that is relevant and interlinked to other content in your website.

How to sell using content

Once your content is optimized for search engines and has valuable information, you need to integrate affiliate links within them.

There are many ways that make this possible. You can include content that describes your business or product in an intriguing way while giving way to include links that are relevant to your content. This should work in such a way that the customer decides to purchase the product after going through the content.

It happens when there is a balance between the information, which is valid, and the integration of the sales pitch. This method works seamlessly as the customer won’t realize that he or she is being sold to, as the content is very impressive.

A second approach is to use a direct sales approach. You can create buyers guides and review posts in a way that stands out from others. For example, if you want to sell fitness supplements, you should make a review section on your web page.

People interested in this product will be looking for its reviews. Make sure that the reviews you make are objective. It is not a crime to upsell your product, but having too many good points about a product that doesn’t reach that level will only lead to loss.

Your target audience will lose confidence in your product. If you choose to be honest about your product, customers will return to your website for its honest opinions. Address the issues regarding a product, and provide an alternative to it. This will lead to the customers trusting you and becoming potential buyers.

Creating buyers guides for customers is also a great approach. When researching keywords, you might find that “mountain bike under $500,” has been searched a lot by people.

If you create a list of top 10 bikes under the said amount using an optimized search engine, Google will rank your post high, and there will be more visits by actual customers who are interested in purchasing a cheap mountain bike. This post can help you gain some authority with Google.

This type of marketing is an exponential business where success adds to more success in the future.

Importance of regular updates

The fact that makes popular websites great is that they update them regularly. When you start off, the more quality content you publish, the greater the chances of you getting top ranks on Google. Google always looks for sites that are constantly updating on a daily basis with fresh content.

Creating a blog with 30 to 40 posts and expecting them to get more views will work in theory. It is always better to regularly update your site, which will help it stand out and generate more traffic and revenue in the long run.

Link Placement

Once you have quality content regularly on your website, the next step is to place your affiliate links within your content so that people purchase your products.

The methods will depend on the standard you want to keep for your website. It is quite easy if your website solely deals with selling products and posting reviews.

You can provide links to your products on Amazon or other sites for sales, add images that are clickable within your articles to lead to your product page, and even set up a call-to-action button that will attract people to make purchases.

Your marketing needs to subtle if your content is about giving people more than just an idea about what to buy. You should only describe products in a general sense, and name products that may help them solve a particular problem within your niche.

Adding images with links to the product’s Amazon page beside, above, or below the content can lead to both direct and indirect sales. You can send your subscribers emails with links to these products. It should be a product that your subscribers are interested in purchasing or those that might be of use to them although they are not yet aware of it.

Sending them a weekly reminder can also increase sales, especially during the holiday season and other shopping periods. If you are comfortable with targeting more than one market, you may want to sell products based on the time of the year.

During summer, sell beach gear, and if it’s Christmas, sell Santa outfits. It is about giving your customers a choice between products to buy and pushing them into buying things they do not necessarily need.

Content Posting Websites

To generate revenue from affiliate marketing, you don’t necessarily need your own website. When you are starting off, you can opt to use content-hosting websites, such as Hub Pages, to test the waters. You can find out what works and what doesn’t while not spending too much time and energy in creating a proper website.

These hosting sites are usually ranked high on Google, as they have quality content all the time. This gives your products a greater chance of getting on top searches for keywords. It will help attract more visitors and increase sales. It is also a good option to combine both approaches.

There are several websites that help you post your content. Some of these can help you create rich content by editing images, social media posts, and videos that are on your personal website. Others will not provide such features but will definitely help rank your site on Google.

Here are some popular sites that can help you improve as an affiliate marketer.

  • Squidoo: This is a popular community where you can post articles on different topics and earn credits from the Amazon or eBay affiliate program through your content. The profits earned will be split in half between you and the platform. Payments can be made directly to your PayPal account.

  • Hub Pages: This is a platform chosen by many beginners. Posts on Hub Pages can be embedded with Amazon or eBay affiliate programs, such as Google AdSense ads. These help you gain a profit, which is paid directly to your PayPal Account.

  • E-opinions: This is a platform where you can post reviews, both positive and negative, on thousands of products. If the reviews you post end up being a part of a sale, you get a share, which adds to credits that can be converted to real money.

  • Fiverr: This is a platform where you can do or get anything done for $5. This is not a platform where you can post your content when you are new to it, but you can use it as an affiliate marketer. If you want articles written or you need someone to share your own post for an amount of money, Fiverr is the place to find help.

  • Digital Journal: This is a very serious blogging website where you can post content and make money if the post is appealing enough to interest readers. It includes a rigorous sign-up process, and not everyone can post content, but if you make it, you would be impressed by the result.

  • Bukisa: This website will have Google AdSense attached to your content. Bukisa lets you share guides and turn a profit in the process. You can generate clicks, and every new click on an ad can be converted into money.

  • Zujava: This is quite similar to Hub Pages, which allows the same affiliate links and Google AdSense ads to be embedded into hosted content to make a profit.

There are several hosting websites where you can practice your marketing skills before moving on to managing your own websites.

Try creating content for one of these platforms, and assess your performance. If you end up generating a profit, make sure that Google recognizes your content, and move on to owning your own website.

Sites like Fiverr can also help you find content creators whose content you can use to start your own blog and make money using affiliate schemes without having to spend a lot of time on content.


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